Circle of Selfleadership


The changes we are facing in our outer and inner world initiate a process of searching towards clarity, trust, confidence and connection.

This 6 week online course invites you to build up a new skill-set and practice a system where you find direction and stability from the inside out and learn to lead with love.



An overview of the six building blocks
Module 1: Open the circle Together we open a space to consciously connect with yourself and be aware of where in the journey you are. Invite yourself to bring your intention from the inside out.
Module 2: Stability Gift yourself the perspective to align with your inner strength and be connected to your values. Establish your routine that supports you, to find stability and grounding.
Module 3: Love Reveal what it means to be nourished with love and where you give your power away. Sense how your energy and vibration resonates with your environment and how to hold your boundaries.
Module 4: Vision Unlock your potential and allow yourself to become fully alive. Learn to give yourself permission to be the highest version of yourself and create a world you love to live in.
Module 5: Lead Strengthen your leadership qualities by balancing your heart and mind. Lead yourself towards taking inspired action in your life from a place of integration.
Module 6: Close the circle Together we reflect and celebrate your unique process to fully honor your authentic path the last six weeks.