we are together in this
Are you ready to be fully present with yourself and your life?
of Self-Leadership


The changes we are facing in our outer and inner world initiate a process of searching towards clarity, trust, confidence and connection.

This 6 week online course invites you to build up a new skill-set and practice a system where you find direction and stability from the inside out and learn to lead with love.

… you desire to come closer to who you are?
… you are in a position of Leadership and either hear the call or know things need to shift?
… you are a parent and you want to create a safe space for you and your children?
… you want to be guided by your values and be clear on your boundaries?
… you wish to surrender and trust in life and in your relationships?
… you are ready to get your full energy back?

Wherever you are and no matter how you feel, all is well. This is the moment to join our journey to embrace change from the inside out and to fully own your power.

We are in this together.

The Circle of Self Leadership online course brings together tools, our experience and gives you not only a six weeks course but an inner guideline to navigate yourself whenever and wherever you need.

An overview of the six modules

Module 1: Open the circle

Together we open a space to consciously connect with yourself and be aware of where in the journey you are. Invite yourself to bring your intention from the inside out.

Module 2: Stability

Gift yourself the perspective to align with your inner strength and be connected to your values. Establish your routine that supports you, to find stability and grounding.

Module 3: Love

Reveal what it means to be nourished with love and where you give your power away. Sense how your energy and vibration resonates with your environment and how to hold your boundaries.

Module 4: Vision

Unlock your potential and allow yourself to become fully alive. Learn to give yourself permission to be the highest version of yourself and create a world you love to live in.

Module 5: Lead

Strengthen your leadership qualities by balancing your heart and mind. Lead yourself towards taking inspired action in your life from a place of integration.

Module 6: Close the circle

Together we reflect and celebrate your unique process to fully honor your authentic path the last six weeks.

You experience and learn:

  • how to dismantle challenges
  • how to feel emotionally stable
  • how to make decisions aligned with your essence
  • how to take well care of yourself
  • how to be guided by your inner vision
  • how to integrate nourishing routines and practices in your daily life
Inside the Circle of Self-Leadership course
6 inspiring
Each module contains video, audio, and written lessons to deep dive and practice inspired action.
The “Compass
of Intuition” tool
Align the rational mind with your heart and find balance between inspired action and being.
6 Workbooks
for reflection
Strengthen the connection to yourself with thoughtful coaching questions and a guided process.
4 Guided
In the modules, you experience grounding and balancing through our guided meditations.
mood videos
In each of the four core modules you find a mood video that connects you to the energy of what you learn and integrate.
Navigate yourself through the course at your own pace and let the content support you.
Registration is open
Join now – 330 Euro (excl. VAT)

When you join the course you get access to our private online course platform with your own login information and you can start working on all six modules immediately.

You will receive the first welcome email after the payment process. Thereafter you get an email with guidance and instruction for the new module in a weekly rhythm.

The “Circle of Self-Leadership” online course is for women and men who are looking for a stronger connection with themselves.

If you are looking for support in your work, life, or relationships with others, you will find tools and exercises to guide yourself towards more clarity, self-responsibility and emotional stability.

If you are not sure if this is a good fit for you, feel free to reach out and ask.

With our online course, you can learn flexibly in terms of time and location.

All the modules are designed and created with all our coaching and life experience to give you inspiration and input for your own unique and authentic process of learning.

There is no special equipment needed. You can access and view our online course on your pc, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

All you need is a stable internet connection.

The curriculum is created so you can work through it comfortably in a timeline of six weeks to allow yourself the space for processing and integration.

We recommend a minimum requirement of 2 hours per module, but it really depends on how deep you want to dive into the content and how much space you need for your unique process.

The course starts as soon as you sign up.

You will get access right away to the first module and can work through the content in your own time and space.

Once you buy the course, you will get access to the private course content to use and work through forever.

Every time in the future we make an update to the content, you will get access to the new worksheets, meditations and exercises.

Should we decide to stop selling it in the future, we will give you a time guarantee of 3 months in which you have the time to save and download everything you need.

No, your login and access information is uniquely for you.

We put all our heart and soul in creating the content for you and therefore a fair energy compensation is required.

You can pay easily via our shop system with Paypal or credit card and will get access to the course as soon as the payment is cleared.

The language of the “Circle of Self-Leadership” online course is English.

If you desire private guidance, we offer a customized coaching package to support you in your unique process.

It is possible to have online sessions in English or German.

Please reach out here if this interests you.

Loving words:

  • The Circle of self Leadership is really a deep, personal growth journey. When I started, I was working on my emotional wounds and at the same time I was healing some sabotaging beliefs around being an entrepreneur too. This course helped me finding myself and recognizing my values while outside events in the world were triggering me (hello 2020!). The graceful and gentle leadership Eos and Yvonne showed me was exactly what I needed to find myself again. Instead of pushing myself harder and harder, I found a safe place to accept every perfectly imperfect aspect of myself, in a container full of beauty and judgment free where I felt really safe. When I think about the person I want to be, I think about this course for what it thought me and just for its own mission, that I see as very close to mine. I recommend this course to every trauma survivor in their journey to self love and to every heart centered entrepreneur looking for a way to transform “being different” into a deep sense of “being unique and special”.
    Alessandra De Francesch


If you have any open questions, we are happy to be here for you.