Loving words

  • The Circle of self Leadership is really a deep, personal growth journey. When I started, I was working on my emotional wounds and at the same time I was healing some sabotaging beliefs around being an entrepreneur too. This course helped me finding myself and recognizing my values while outside events in the world were triggering me (hello 2020!). The graceful and gentle leadership Eos and Yvonne showed me was exactly what I needed to find myself again. Instead of pushing myself harder and harder, I found a safe place to accept every perfectly imperfect aspect of myself, in a container full of beauty and judgment free where I felt really safe. When I think about the person I want to be, I think about this course for what it thought me and just for its own mission, that I see as very close to mine. I recommend this course to every trauma survivor in their journey to self love and to every heart centered entrepreneur looking for a way to transform “being different” into a deep sense of “being unique and special”.
    Alessandra De Francesch